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A????? t? fin?n?? i? a ?ignifi??nt barrier for ?m?ll f?rm? and enterprise in th? developing world. Smallholder’s ?ft?n lack resources to purchase f?rm in?ut? t? im?r?v? ?r?du?tivit?, whil? m?n? entrepreneurs l??k the administrative centre t? inv??t in gear ?nd infr??tru?tur?.

At th? ??m? moment, th??? f?rm?r? and entrepreneurs f??? hug? ?b?t??l?? in ??????ing th? w?rking ???it?l l??n?, longterm credit along with other funding th?t might enable them t? fulfill th?ir needs. D???it? th? m???iv? need, th?r? are f?w ?r?vid?r? ?f financial ?r?du?t? ?nd solutions that appeal t? ?u?h ?li?nt?, partially du? t? a ??r???ti?n th?t th?? ?r? also ri?k? and expensive to ??rv?.

Linking thi? financing gap requires a collaborative and multif???t?d ???r???h. Business C??h Adv?n?? w?rk? in ??v?r?l capacities with a vast r?ng? ?f ??rtn?r? t? in?r???? ???it?l flow ?nd f??t?r m?r? inclusive fin?n?? in th? ??mmuniti?? where w? work.

Vendor C??h Adv?n?? w?rk? with ?m?llh?ld?r f?rm?r?, f?rm?r ?rg?niz?ti?n?, cooperatives, ?nd a v?ri?t? ?f ?m?ll and gr?wing businesses t? in?r???? ?????? to finance. W? h?l? th?m ??????, outlook and ??mmuni??t? th?ir fin?n?ing n??d? to prospective l?nd?r? ?nd inv??t?r?. W? ?l?? service th? capitalization of l?rg?r agribusinesses and d?v?l?? finance ??luti?n? f?r whole indu?tri?? in d?v?l??ing ???n?mi??.

In parallel, Vendor C??h Adv?n?? ?r?vid?? ?dvi??r? ??rvi??? t? fin?n?i?l establishments in ?rd?r t? support th?m ?ffi?i?ntl? utilize ???it?l ?nd d?liv?r n?w ?nd ???l?bl? fin?n?i?l ??rvi???. We w?rk with ??mm?r?i?l banks, expenditure fund?, d?v?l??m?nt fin?n?? in?tituti?n? and international ??r??r?ti?n? t? d?t?rmin? th? fin?n?i?l h??lth ?nd feasibility of prospective ?li?nt? ?nd h?l? ?tru?tur? inv??tm?nt? to m??t th?ir n??d?.

By ?ff?ring th? following integrated fin?n?i?l advisory companies and tr?ining, Merchant C??h Adv?n?? ???k? t? boost ?ffi?i?nt cash flows, ?r?m?t? fiscal inclusion, strengthen visibility ?m?ng m?rk?t actors and generate overall economic gr?wth.

Str?t?gi? ?nd Financial An?l??i?:

Vendor Income Adv?n?? w?rk? with smallholder f?rm?r? ?nd SGB? to build th?ir t??hni??l ?????it?. We ?l?? partner with fin?n?i?l in?tituti?n? to guide their ?x??n?i?n into th? ?gri?ultur?l ???t?r, ?nd w? supply impartial in?ight ?nd m?rk?t ?n?l??i? t? indu?tr? stakeholders.

Capital M?biliz?ti?n:

Working as an independent intermediary, M?r?h?nt C??h Adv?n?? generates link?g?? b?tw??n ???it?l ?r?vid?r? ?nd th??? seeking ???it?l. W? h?l? ?ur smallholder farmer and SGB ?li?nt? at ?ll ?t?g?? ?f th? ?rigin?ti?n ?nd tr?n???ti?n ?r?????.

Ri?k M?n?g?m?nt:

T? ?u???rt loan m?nit?ring ?nd assure reimbursement ?f used ???it?l, M?r?h?nt C??h Progress d??ign? specific ri?k-m?n?g?m?nt ??luti?n? that in??ntiviz? and m?int?in tr?n???r?n?? between ?li?nt? and l?nd?r?.

Merchant Income Adv?n?? ?m??w?r? persons in th? d?v?l??ing planet to create bu?in????? that crack th? ???l? ?f ??v?rt?. Expanding ?nt?r?ri??? make work and ?th?r in??m? ????rtuniti?? f?r ???r ????l?, ?n?bling th?m to im?r?v? th?ir lifestyles and ???ur? a better futur? f?r th?ir families. Because it? f?unding it’? h?? helped t? produce or develop th?u??nd? of organizations, gaining milli?n? ?f ????l? in over 40 ??untri??.

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